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Annual General Meeting of the Membership — March 22, 2017


One last reminder of our General meeting to be held tomorrow at the Syracuse Community Center located at:

1912 West 1900 South

Syracuse, Utah

We will meet at 7:00 PM in a general session.  Gary Nuffer will be there at 6:00 PM to exchange your keys.  You will need to have your old key set with you to exchange in order to receive new keys. Please don’t forget.

We will be electing new officers for the year.  This year the president and 4 members of the Board of Trustees will be up for election.  Additional nominations will taken from the floor.

Each committee of the Board will take a few minutes and update the membership on the actions and intents of that committee going forward.

A requirement of the Work Credit Program is the attendance at this meeting.  You or a proxied representative must be in attendance to participate in the Work Credit Program.  A proxy form is available below.  It must be completed and signed by the landowner and presented to the Secretary prior to the beginning of the meeting.

The current Work Credit Assignments are listed on a sheet below.  Please review this list.  If it is your intent to continue that assignment this year, you need do nothing.  If you would like to be released from that assignment, please state so by sending an email to the Secretary using the Contact Us tab on the home page of this website.  If you believe you have an assignment and are not listed here, it means that you have never registered your request for that assignment under the Work Credit tab of the website.  Please do so.

Hope to see you there.  Please find the agenda for that meeting below.

The Board of Trustees



MarchMeeting Agenda17

Yogi’s Back!

 The Higley’s and the McFarland’s had a little visiter at their place last week.  Know that we have friends in the woods.  Best to bring coolers inside and be careful with your disposal of garbage.!

Snow and a Cougar at the Property

From Summer Vernon Gunn  September 24, 2016 Our view this morning. We also saw a cougar just west of the south gate. There was a dead sheep on the side of the road just 100 yards past where we saw it. The sheep was not there last night when we went in.  

2016 Work Credit Voucher

As we come to the end of another summer at the property may we ask that you report on your work credit assignment as you believe it to be.  Please find below a voucher for submission of your efforts toward the Work Credit Program.  If you would kindly complete this voucher and forward it toContinue Reading

Bear On Patrol

Please be aware that bear scat has been found and coolers have been discovered ravaged by a local bear at the property.  It is probably good advise to not leave coolers outside.  Please keep a sharp eye out for Yogi!  If you happen to see him, please notify us that we might pinpoint his location.

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